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Run Raleigh Half Marathon Race Recap

May 16, 2012

This should be the last of the back logged race reports.

I was actually kind of excited to run this race because it is it’s inaugural year. I had high hopes for good organization and lots of cool stuff.

They mostly delivered. However, I’m still sticking with my guns that I will NOT be running another half marathon in Raleigh for quite some time. The hills were still killer.

This was another training run for me, and it happened to fall on my 20 mile day for Flying Pig training. Once again, I got up uber early and pounded out 7 miles on the treadmill in about 70 minutes before getting ready and waking Brian up to take me to the race start.

At the start I met up with Regan, Debbie, Lisa, and Pam who I have consistently run with every single weekend and who have pushed me through the toughest runs.

These ladies are seriously the best. I cannot sing their praises enough!

After waiting in a rediculous porta pot line, we all lined up, Lisa took off up with some of her friends (she was running for time) and Regan, Pam, Debbie and I hung toward the middle of the pack.

We all stuck together for the first 4-5 miles again at our 4:1 intervals (that seems to be our jam. Regan will tell you otherwise though) when Pam and I started to fall behind and Regan and Debbie took off up ahead.

The course was kind of boring out and back along western avenue in Raleigh and along some of the greenway. I was glad to see Brian at the 4/11 point on the course.

There were a lot of times when Pam and I kept saying WTF to each other, and I had to remind myself that I had just run 7 miles and that I could NOT be mad at my performance. This was just a training run for me.

Everything was fine and dandy until we hit mile 12.

DAMN that hill at mile 12. Thankfully we walked up part of it, then I took off at a slow jog up the remainder. After that, the finish line pulled us in. it was basically a straight shot.


I finished in about 2:53 and some change I think. 20 miles were done and done for the day!

Over all, I was really pleased with the race organization. The water stops were a plenty even with powerade at some of them. I was smart though this time and brought my camelbak juuuust in case. The crowd support was good when it was there, but I mostly enjoyed running with my friends. Each of whom rocked the race. Lisa in 2:18, and Debbie and Regan about 10 or so minutes before Pam and I rolled in across the finish line. I’m proud of each one of them.

Thanks once again to B who never ceases to amaze me with his spirit and willingness to come and cheer me on. I know he secretly likes it.


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  1. May 17, 2012 10:47 AM

    That looks like a really fun run – having great partners and a support crew really makes running so much fun!

  2. May 18, 2012 3:10 AM

    B is such a good guy! And you’re right, you cannot be disappointed…you logged 20 miles, most of which were in a race setting. Just out of curiosity, where in Raleigh was the hill? You’re running so consistently and your group looks like a great batch of gals!

    • May 18, 2012 6:08 AM

      Thanks!! They pushed me hard all winter, I love them for that! That hill was right in front of Pullen Park…. it was pretty epic. The rest of the course was rolling.

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