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Myrtle Beach Half Marathon Race Recap

May 14, 2012

Better late than never! I feel like I owe a lot of race recaps and I’m on backlog… so you’ll see some scattered here and there throughout the next couple of weeks.


First off, I want to say how PROUD I am of my girl Suzanne and her Husband Wes for completing their first half in Myrtle Beach this past February


They each just started running last JULY and they’ve already come SO far!

I’m also glad that Brian and his brother Kevin made the trip with us to Myrtle Beach to be our support crew and to hold their amazing signs!



Little did they know they’d become famous with these signs.

Anyway, back to the beginning.

Race morning started just like every other race morning. You know the drill, 18 alarms were set, a bagel and PB was eaten and Brian, Kevin and I all boarded the shuttle from our hotel to the race start with about 10-15 other runners.

We met up with Suzanne at the start line and after a porta potty stop, we found our way into the starting chute.

There weren’t any corrals set up for this race. It wasn’t awesomely big, but they did have the half marathoners and the marathoners split on either side of the road so we started together, but separately.

Promptly at 7am they shot off the gun and we were off!

Suzanne and I had decided to do our 4:1 intervals, but because the start was so crowded, we ran straight through for the first couple of miles. I wanted to keep going but Suzanne was the only one of us who was smart and told us to stop and walk at the walk break. I’m glad we did.

We kept up with our intervals really nicely, until I started to have some tummy issues at mile 8. We made a quick porta potty stop and were on our way.


I will say one thing; Even though the race was on the smaller side, it was extremely well organized and the crowd support was awesome (at least for the half) There were a lack of porta potties, but several businesses opened up early and had signs that said “clean bathrooms here!” It was pretty awesome to see everyone out in full force to support their town and us as runners.

Finally, we met up with Brian and Kevin at mile 11!


They were just the boost of energy that I needed! I was starting to get tired at this point and was taking water from the water stations but had forgotten to eat some chews. I did shortly after I saw Brian and Kevin and they helped power me through the last couple of miles.

Then mile 12.7 hit.

Suzanne and I had played leap frog with this power walker for the last mile or so. We’d jog past her and then when we walked during our interval, she power waked her butt right past us! I thought for sure she was going to beat us to the finish.

Suz made sure that didn’t happen though. I believe we said something along the lines of  “This Effing power walker!!!” and BOLTED right past her on the last .1 stretch.


We finished in 2:39 and some change! I’m so proud!

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  1. May 14, 2012 12:52 PM

    I always love the crazy race signs! The zombie one is great! Congratulations on a great half marathon. Glad you beat the power walker!

    • May 14, 2012 1:34 PM

      Brian is now famous with that sign! He’s had it at all of the races I’ve run!

  2. May 15, 2012 1:50 PM

    Those race signs are epic. I’d totally run faster if I were distracted by them! Congrats on the awesome finish, and can’t wait to read more of your recaps!

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