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Raleigh Rocks Half Marathon Race Recap

May 11, 2012

This was definitely not one of my favorite races…

I remember now why I said after I ran City of Oaks half marathon a couple of years ago that I would never run another half marathon in Raleigh.

This race fell on my 18 mile day for Flying Pig training, so I got up extra early, popped out 3 miles on the treadmill, then continued on with my morning routine pre-race rituals.

My friend Pam (this was her first half) and her man came to pick me up a little bit before 7 as we made our way to the RBC center to meet our friend Michelle and her now Fiancée as well as our friend Regan at the start line.


The gun went off about 20 minutes late because of parking issues and bathroom issues (not enough porta potties / lines were too long in the RBC center for the bathrooms)

We took off doing our 4:1 intervals for a loop around the RBC center and then the course followed a lot of the same roads as I remembered from City of Oaks. I thought that that race was hilly, this race was just plain miserable.

The first half wasn’t so bad and there was even a nice downhill from miles 6-7 back to the RBC center where we then took off for Umstead State Park (noted for its hills) around mile 8.

Here’s where things got kind of hairy…

looking at the race website, I saw that there was going to be water stops every couple of miles. Thus, I did not bring my camelbak with me for hydration. This was fine and dandy until we hit mile 6 and there WAS no water stations. There was also no water station at mile 8, and not even at mile 10. It wasn’t until we got to mile 11 that there was water. It had started to get hot at this point and the hills started to get higher and more prevalent.

Regan, Michelle and her Fiancée took off a little bit ahead of us, and Pam and I held back. We even walked up a couple of the bigger hills with no shame. Finally we hit a nice down hill at mile 12 that took us once more back to the RBC center to the finish line.

Thank goodness Pam and Regan had extra water on their belts, I would have seriously suffered! (thanks girls!)

I have never been more happy to see the finish line in my life! I am glad that this was only a training run for me, but I cannot say how disappointed I was in the race organization, lack of porta- potties and the poor planning in water stops. This race was in its 5th year running! One would think that they would have all of their kinks worked out by now.

Anyway, we all finished strong and mostly together. Around 2:44 and some change


I would definitely not run this race again. The one thing that got me was reading the Facebook posts the next day. Both my friend Pam and I had commented how disappointed we were in the race, in a very constructive way. The people who run the Facebook account not only responded with a very nasty reply, but then proceeded to DELETE our comments and theirs completely! I could not get over that!

Has anyone ever had that happen to them?!


Now we know better for next time.

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  1. May 11, 2012 6:44 PM

    Thankfully I’ve never run a race that wasn’t well coordinated and managed. Sorry you bore the brunt of that, in a distance race no less. You did the best thing you could do by offering constructive criticism and it’s a shame it wasn’t well received. Let this blog post serve as an info station for those interested in running it in the future and rest assured that there are many more amazing races out there to choose from!

    • May 11, 2012 8:21 PM

      This was super unfortunate and it goes to show the personalities of people organizing the race. All of us said that we would not be running that half again, but also NONE of the races that that group puts on. ever.

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