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Food Cures : Review!

July 19, 2011

A few weeks ago, I was contacted by the lovely staff at Joy Bauer to review her book and cookbook called Food Cures.


At first I didn’t know who Joy Bauer was… then I googled her, and I immediately exclaimed “I KNOW HER!!”

Joy Bauer is an RD and  works with the Today Show, answering questions for viewers, and shows that losing weight can be done, and with much success. You just have to ditch the diet mentality!

The lovely staff from sent me her book, and I was so excited I immediately dug in. There were lots of things that drew me into the book. Not just the Losing weight part, but how many different foods we eat can be used to ward things off such as migraines, PMS, and insomnia. Also, she does a great job at teaching the reader how to decode a nutrition label.

For instance:

Did you know that things that contain tyramine, phenylethylamine and sulfites; as well as aspartame and even caffiene can trigger migraines in some people?

Even left overs can trigger migranes in some people!

I KNEW I hated leftovers for a reason!


Did you know…  That a diet rich in Calcium, Vitamin D, Magnesium, B6 and manganese can help curb PMS symptoms?

Don’t reach for those salty snacks and carbonated beverages(like I crave) when you’re emotional. They just make your bloat worse because you retain water. Drink water!

Joy makes sure to express in her book that you should not eliminate the foods that she lists in each section that can trigger things like migranes, insomnia, and can exacerbate PMS, but rather Listen to your body and know your triggers, then avoid those foods, and incorporate other options into your diet to replace them.

She says to ditch the diet mentality and to get heatlhy, to think like a nutritionist.

Plan your meals

Rid your house of unhealthy foods

eat lots of frutis, veggies and fiber

Mind what you drink. (alcohol!)

EAT BREAKFAST! – SO important!


and most importantly, be patient. Adapting to a healthy lifestyle isn’t easy and won’t happen over night, but with small changes and healthy choices, you, too can dominate your life and know your body better.



Over all, I LOVED this book! I would for SURE recommend it to anyone to read, if not to read it because it’s interesting, but to read it for the recipes in the book!

Make sure you check out her cook book too!

That’s where I learned how to make these yummy dishes!



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