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The Blog is Back! Chicago Part 1

October 12, 2010

I’m Back I’m back!! Did you miss me?! My computer is finally back up and running with a functioning touch pad! it only took me 10 days to have it shipped and fiddled with but the best part is that it’s back in my hands and I’m blogging again! : )

Anyway, there are going to be a plethora of posts on my trip to Chicago including my MARATHON RECAP!  So here we go!

Brian and I got up at the god awful hour of 4:30 am to be at RDU by 5:30 to check into our flight that was leaving at 6:55. (fun fact: I’m a very type A traveler and feel the incessant need to be at the airport several hours before my flight leaves. )

We boarded the plane which was a direct flight thank goodness (another fun fact: I get SO air sick it’s not even funny) I popped some dramamine and I was out the entire way to chicago. We landed, and I was an hour behind in time and I didn’t even know what hit me!

Brian and I had no idea how to get from the airport across town to our hotel, so we opted to take the train to the other side of the city to o-hare. From there, we decided to just take a taxi to our hotel (Little did we know there was free shuttle service from the hotel to the airport for the train)

After being almost dragged out of our cab because the driver brought us to the wrong hotel, we were finally safe and sound at the Marriot.

Our first stop after we took a nap and got settled was Lunch!

We hopped the “L” and found this place called English for lunch. They serve pub style food and it was oh so yummy. I got a roasted veggie sandwich and Brian got the Lobster mac and cheese.


of course I got French fries because I have to try them in every city that I go to.

Then we were off and we took a walk around the city.

We crossed the river,


And then made our way to Millennium Park to what you may ask?

The Bean : )



After that we headed back and we settled in, made dinner because our room came with a kitchen, full fridge and stove top, and settled in for the night only to get up early and head to the Expo the next day!

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