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Happy Independence Day!

July 4, 2010

Gooood Evening!!

I hope everyone’s 4th of July was perfect. I know that mine was!

After this mornings 5k, we all came back here and took a power nap before going to Handsome Boyfriend’s Aunt and Uncle’s house for a big family party.

Here is why I love Brian’s family: They are just like mine! When everyone gets together it’s loud, fast paced talking, and everyone is all over the place with tons of food to be had. I felt completely at home with everyone there and just like I was interacting with my own family. I adore them. The end 🙂

Handsome Boyfriend bar-tender delt up some tasty adult beverages to everyone (except his cousins of course)

There were also glorious eats to be had as well!

There was everything there from grilled meat, roasted veggies and Brian’s Aunt Mo brought some delicious watermelon ( no I clearly did not eat enough earlier today because I ate about 10 helpings) and fruit salad!

Brian and I brought his Cousins Silly Bandz. They went wild and they immediately put them on. We even brought some for His Aunt and Uncle hosting the party. His Aunt Bernadette was all about them… His Uncle Rich however… not so much. 🙂 I mean they were even USA and glitter and EVERYTHING! I don’t know why he didn’t want to put them on;)

My Plate :

I had this times about 3. We had eaten, swam and then eaten some more just nibbling. Bad bad bad to do at parties haha!

Brian’s Uncle Rich made delicious chocolate Martinis. Of COURSE I had to partake in one!

He was laughing at us because we each took about 19 pictures of these delicious drinks. They were gorgeous how could we not!

The best part of the evening though was not the Majong that was going on but it definitely was the pool. We tossed the dogs in to see how they’d do. I’m pretty sure we traumatized Corbin and Tika, but Chase, his aunt and uncle’s golden retriever was ALL about the water and jumped in and swam laps several times!

What did You do today to celebrate your Independence?

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