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operation H2O

April 29, 2010

Ahh.. Finally, it’s bedtime. Bedtime is my favorite time of the night. It’s Leo-Cat’s favorite time of night too. He gets quality snuggle time with mom 🙂

I got lots done this afternoon. I finished the umpteen loads of laundry that I had going this morning FINALLY

I think that I had every piece of clothing that I owned on my bed this afternoon.

Nothing that a little motivation and music cant cure!

I even had time for an hour bike ride! This was a challenge though because Handsome Boyfriend adjusted my seat on my bike to fit him. (his bike is in the shop, his shifters need a fixin’). It turned out okay though. I watched semi-home made with SandraLee and Boy Meets Grill. god I love the food network. After I sweat it out, I chugged down a nalgene of water. I was still thirsty so I ate some fruit in hopes to re-gain some water in my system.

What do you do to hydrate?

I take in about 2 liters a day of fluid whether its water or whatever but dear god I’m SO thirsty all of the time!! I know that it’s possible to take in too much water because you can suffer from hyponatremia (low salt in your bod) and it can cause some funky things with not just your bod but your systems as well. I’m afraid of over consumption but I cant keep being so thirsty!! I’ve been perusing around the internet and through my running books, I went to my favorite site (runners world) here’s what I found from Amby Burfoot : know thy sweat intake. This helps calculate how much water you should be taking in a day to prevent super dehydration. I also found Drink this. This article gives tips for staying hydrated throughout the day and throughout your run.

Summer is coming. I cant be water starved. So, in search of answers, I’d be appreciative of any advice anyone would be willing to give me.

Until tomorrow!

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